Angelo Messedaglia

Angelo Messedaglia was born in Villafranca on the 2nd November 1820 and in 1820 he attended the High School which was later dedicated to him.

On 14th November he got a degree in Pavia, where later he became a Professor. In 1858 he taught at Padua University.

In 1889 he taught politics, ecomomics and statistics at the university of Rome.

From  1866 to 1884 he was an MP; however he was not a politician but he was a free thinker.

He was the President of Lincei’s Academy and he died on 5th April 1901 in Rome.

Angelo Messedaglia was a very important intellectual of modern Italy and a great teacher of economics and statistics.

His main works are: “Public Loans and Better System of Consolidation”, “The Theory of Population”, “Criminal Statistics in theAustrian Empire”, “Science in our Age”, “ Currency and the Monetary System”,


Rinaldo Cavalchini

Rinaldo Cavalchini, also called Rinaldo from Villafranca, was born in Villafranca in 1291.

In 1332 he moved to Verona where he became a teacher. In Verona he worked at the service of the “Scaligeri” and later on he became the tutor of Petrarch’s son, which testifies the great esteem he enjoyed as a tutor in his times.

He wrote the epitaphs for Cangrande I and Mastino II.

His will proves that he died in 1362.

He bequeathed all his possessions to St. Peter’s Church in Zevio, San Fermo Friary and to St. Peter’s Church of Villafranca.

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